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Research, development, and preparation of microbial products. In our laboratories, we do the research and development in the field of microbial products. Our activities cover all the stages of its design and preparation:

- isolation, identification, development of the cultivation process;

- design and development of purification and analytical methods;

- design and validation of all the manufacturing process and its transfer to the GMP mode


Manufacturing of microbial products under GMP regulations

Since 2016 we are holder of GMP certificates issued by State Institute for Drug Control of the Czech Republic for manufacturing Drug Substances (DS) and Human Investigational Medical Products (HIMPs) based on bacteriophages and bacterial lysates. The products we prepare can be further used for manufacturing of pharmaceutical products or for running of clinical trials.


Aseptic filling of small batches

In our clean rooms class A we do aseptic filling of sterile products in small volumes - approximately tens of thousands of doses. Besides the filling itself, we ensure the sterility check and mediafill. Based on requirements of our partners, we perform the stability studies.


LYZODOL is a revolutionary nutritional supplement of the new generation based on bacterial lysates.


The unique innovative product LYZODOL, made using special technology from bacterial strains, which are most often involved in the development of upper respiratory tract inflammation, will prevent you from disease, or will ensure a smooth course of unpleasant disease.

LYZODOL is a dietary supplement in the form of special orodispersible tablets. In addition, this innovative formulation contains a new bacterial component that creates an effective medicinal cocktail (lysate) from 4 selected bacterial strains with proven immunostimulatory properties. (Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Lelliottia amnigena, Propionibacterium acnes).

LYZODOL is now available at our partner TreeMed here.


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