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Development of new drugs against bee brood plague (AFB) based on phage endolysins

IDENTIFICATION CODE: CZ.01.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 17_176 / 0015668


Expected completion of the project: 2022


The aim of the project is, in cooperation with MB PHARMA and the pharmaceutical company Dyntec, to build a pilot plant as a background for the development, cloning and identification of suitable phage endolysin candidates that will show sufficient efficacy against pathogenic variants of sporulating Peanibacillus larvae (PL) causing "Bee brood plague". (AFB). Recombinant phage endolysins will be developed and produced in cooperation with the Institute of Biotechnology AS CR. Testing and experimental work with newly developed phage preparations will take place in vitro. In case of positive results and consent of state authorities, preclinical and clinical trials will be performed on a laboratory model and bees in vivo in valid clinical studies according to the approved experimental project and in cooperation with VFU Brno, Institute of Ecology and Diseases of Game, Fish and Bees. Furthermore, their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics from the administration of the product to the organism of bees to its elimination from the organism, as well as adverse effects on their health and physiological microbiota will be studied. The specific or subpopulation resistance of PL to various phage endolysins and possible adverse reactions associated with their administration will be verified. All this knowledge will be used to develop an effective drug. The basic precondition for its successful registration will be to substantiate all the required information on the structure and mechanism of action of the endolysin used and to dispel any doubts about the negative effect on animals and the external environment. There is currently no registered commercial product against AFB in Western Europe, but preclinical and clinical studies in bees with promising results have been approved. Therefore, intensive research is currently underway in this area in order to obtain sufficient information and experimental data needed for successful product registration.



European Regional Development Fund

OP Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness

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