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Collagenase for Langerhans Islets Isolation



Expected completion of the project: 2014-2017


The aim of the project is to develop a preparation based on the enzyme collagenase with high tryptic activity and standard properties, which will be primarily intended for the cleavage of pancreatic collagen in the isolation of Langerhans islets. The absence of a standard activity is one of the main factors currently preventing better use of available pancreas from brain-donor organ donors and the wider spread of islet transplantation in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. The partial goal is to determine the appropriate composition of the preparation (representation of various isoenzymes and additional proteases), to develop a procedure for its reproducible preparation, to develop a method for its use in isolating islets in animals and finally to prove its safety in preclinical studies in terms of insulin morphology and function. producing beta cells. The efficacy and safety of the product will also be tested in a preclinical model for the treatment of experimental diabetes by transplantation of isolated islets under the renal capsule and via the vena portae to the liver. The suitability of the preparation for dissociation of other tissue types will also be verified, where commercial application can also be expected. The product developed in the final phase of the project will be offered for testing to the world's leading laboratories that isolate the islets of Langerhans and have already shown interest in the new product today.

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