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Encapsulation of bacteriophages into nanostructures and their use in the production of special filters and antibacterial protection

Identification code: VB01000025

Expected finish of the project: 2023



The aim of the project is to achieve an innovative highly effective composite filter material with a long-term antibacterial effect based on nanofibrous materials. The antibacterial effect will be provided by encapsulated bacteriophages (ie viruses that specifically attack and inactivate bacterial cells), which are an effective and safe alternative to antibiotics and antiseptics. A high filtration effect will be achieved thanks to a composite filtration structure consisting of a prefilter, a nanofiber structure as a suitable carrier for bacteriophages and a nanofiber layer ensuring the capture of even very small particles, including viruses. The main advantage is the targeted elimination of selected bacterial strains, but also the possibility of broad-spectrum action, and especially the long-term effect in comparison with conventional antibacterial treatments.

This project is implemented with financial

support from the state budget

through the Ministry of Industry and Trade

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