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MB Pharma

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We are a Czech company focused on research, development and innovation in the field of microbiology, biotechnology and pharmacy.

Změna sídla společnosti platná od 1.7.2024

MB Pharma s.r.o., Rubešova 72/9, 120 00 Praha 2


We hold certificates of Good Manufacturing Practice for manufacturers of drug substances, drug products and investigational medicinal products.

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Clinical trials of DUOFAG® 

The clinical evaluation of our evaluated medicinal product DUOFAG® continues in cooperation with the hospital U Sv. Anna in Brno. The first patients were administered and the first results are being evaluated. 

More information here:

Research and Science


The goal of our research is to develop and introduce into clinical practice devices based on modern biotechnologies.

Our research and development is co-financed in the form of subsidies from public sources. An overview of ongoing and completed research projects can be found here.


Bakteriofágy MB Pharma

are bacterial viruses that attack host bacteria highly selectively and effectively, but are harmless to other organisms.


From the point of view of pharmacy and clinical practice, they represent a promising future for combating the ever-increasing resistance of infectious bacteria to antibiotics.

Bacterial lysates

Bakteriální lyzáty MB Pharma

are heat-inactivated autolyzed cultures of bacteria that are used in the human field to activate non-specific immune mechanisms.


They are used to preventively increase the body's non-specific imunity.

Bacterial enzymes

Bakteriální enzymy MB Pharma

are obtained as products of the metabolism of bacterial strains, both natural and genetically modified.


They are widely used in microbiology, pharmacy, but also in the food industry or cosmetics.


Manufacturing and Services

In the field of microbiology and pharmacy, we provide contract research and development, production according to Good Manufacturing Practice and other laboratory and professional services.

Contractual R&D

Smluvní výzkum MB Pharma

We provide research and development in the area bacteriophage products. Our activities cover all stages of their design and preparation:

- isolation of bacteriophages, their identification, development of the cultivation process,

- design and development of purification and analytical methods,

- design and validation of the entire production process and its preparation for transfer to the GMP regime.

GMP manufacturing

GMP výroba MB Pharma

Since 2016, we have held a certificate of good manufacturing practice (GMP) issued by the State Institute for Drug Control.


Within and outside the GMP regime, we ensure the production of bacterial enzymes, bacterial lysates and bacteriophages, including purification, quality control and, where appropriate, the release of the drug substance or drug product by a qualified person.

Aseptic filling

aseptické plnění MB Pharma

In our Class A to D clean rooms, we perform aseptic filling of sterile products in small volumes.


In addition to the performance itself, we also provide quality control according to the supplied specifications, sterility and mediafill.


Based on the requirements, we establish and evaluate stability studies.

Other services

další služby MB Pharma

Using the technical equipment of our workplaces, we provide laboratory and technological processes, such as:

- sterilization,

- lyophilisation,

- homogenization

and more.


We establish and evaluate stability studies according to the provided specifications.




Revolutionary new generation food supplement

based on bacterial lysates

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